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The Company


Narus Productions is a non-profit organisation founded in 2013 to provide the nuts and bolts back-up for small theatre companies and artists with a specific focus on supporting those working in the field of disability arts.


Our goal is to empower creative organisations and artists to focus on their art by offering support throughout project planning and production. The company was conceived out of the recognition that many talented artists are struggling to get their work noticed because they do not have the energy to focus simultaneously on administration, marketing, and their creative process.


We offer consultation and bespoke services in promotion and marketing, networking, and business consultancy. We can assist and consult on other logistical elements, so we always recommend a personal consultation to discuss your project and needs.

Please see our list of services or contact us to discuss further. Or click here to learn more about our team!




We recognise that many of the needs Narus fills are not exclusively disability-related issues. The decision to focus our services on Disability Arts Organisations arose from a recognition that many of these artists and organisations face additional barriers, which include:

• Social attitudes and passive discrimination

• Physical and practical access barriers

• Representation and self-advocacy

Narus has a commitment to addressing these issues, and encouraging a more inclusive and dynamic approach throughout the industry.



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