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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does it cost?


Because each project is bespoke we do not publish prices, but will discuss with you to determine your needs and what you are reasonably able to afford.


Q: This is exactly what I need, but I don’t think I can pay for it…


We can help you identify sources of funding. We will often take joint risk, helping you fill in applications on the understanding that if the money comes through you will use our services.


We will also occasionally undertake highly subsidized work for clients who demonstrate need and the potential go benefit significantly.


A first meeting is always free, so contact us and we can discuss your situation.


The thing to remember: we fully believe that the arts are a valuable career choice, and that professionals should be paid for their work. This extends to valuing both what you do and what we do.



Q: I am not D/deaf or Disabled. Can I still use your services?




While our mission as a social enterprise is to promote work by marginalized artists and contribute to building a more diverse theatre scene, we are happy to support anyone with need and interest in what we offer. We’re inclusive.


Q: Why should I hire you instead of a freelance worker?


The benefit we add is the structure and support of a company, and the collaborative methods of working. We are continually building our database of contacts, best practice, and systems of organization and communication.


Our model is particularly beneficial if you are new to working with people in these capacities as we will mentor the role and your relationship.


In some cases a freelancer will be the best option for you.


Q: How can I become part of your team?


While we do not currently have full-time employees we maintain a database of freelancers with skills in the areas we support who we can match with clients. If you would like to be added to our list, please e-mail with an expression of interest and a CV if available.


Q: Why disability arts?


As a social enterprise we are committed to contributing towards a more diverse and inclusive arts scene. Narus operates on the social model of disability with the belief that when barriers of access and social exclusion are removed all individuals have the potential to be valued and productive members of society. D/deaf and disabled artists have historically faced exclusion and discrimination from the stage, and we feel that the 21st century is the time to change that.

Narus recognises that people’s perspectives and experience of disability are very wide ranging, and takes a broad and inclusive approach to what disability means. Some people will meet with access barriers on a daily basis; others may have a mental or physical impairment or health condition which is invisible to others or which they prefer to keep to themselves; some people may not even have considered themselves to be disabled until something has happened to make them reflect on the issue. (adapted from Shape Arts)

Narus will not define what does or does not fall under this label. If you feel our services would be of use to you we are always happy to work with you.


Still have questions? Contact Us!



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